Persuasive Animal Abuse Essay

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Every 10 seconds in America, an animal is abused. That means that every time an hour passes, a total of 360 animals have been tortured and sometimes, even killed. This number is way too high, and it needs to be brought down for good. In 2007 alone, a total of 1,880 cruelty cases were reported. Animal abuse happens way too often, yet not enough people do anything to help make a difference. Another thing that needs to be stopped is the skinning, and the eventual killing of animals. America gets 50% of their fur from China, where cats and dogs are skinned alive against their will, and left to bleed to death. I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain and suffering those poor animals had to go through. No living creature should ever have to endure the pain people inflict on them, and I hope that stronger cruelty laws are placed into action in the near future, and maybe one day the abuse will stop. Several stories that I have currently…show more content…
However, some still might say that animals aren’t like people, and they don’t have feelings so you can just treat them how you’d like, but this isn’t true at all. Animals are always by your side, and even though they can’t speak, you can just tell what they’re thinking, unlike most people. When people are mean to you, and it seems like you have no one else in life, they’re always there for you. How could you hurt an animal that God gave to you as a friend in life when no one else was there, but they were? I don’t know how you could. When a person beats an animal, that animal has no clue what they did wrong, in most cases, they probably did nothing wrong, and they’re afraid of that person now. So they have to live in constant fear, and don’t get to enjoy the short life they’re given. Humans live longer than most of these animals, and no one should feel as if they have the right to control and waste that animal’s life by beating and killing them. They should get to live a happy
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