Persuasive Essay Against Animal Cruelty

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I believe that we should be against animal cruelty because animals have never done anything to us and if they have, it’s because it was how they were raised and treated from when they were little. If we stopped hurting animals and treating them like they don’t deserve to live or be loved then we would have less problems with animal cruelty and less animal attacks. I think people should have more rules and regulations to keep a pet. Such as, they can’t have a past of animal abuse or neglecting of any animals. People shouldn’t have over five pets in their house, or they might hoard and neglect their animals by not feeding them regularly or not giving them enough attention, so they might become mean or scared around people. Puppy mills are overrun with animals because they keep breeding dogs over and over again, and then their dogs will get neglected and not cared for, and soon become…show more content…
Each experiment will either be for chemical, medical, drug, or cosmetic testings. Many of the animals in the testings will be tormented either to death, or on the brink of it. For example, they will be forced to inhale the toxic fumes of what they are testing, have their skin burned off or have it blistered from the harsh chemicals. The animals are confined in small cages and are socially deprived and physically deprived of the kinds of nutrients they need. In conclusion, I believe that animal cruelty is the worst thing anyone could do to a poor animal, not one animal should be treated that way. There are tons of forms of animal abuse, neglect, and testings, and the number of each should become smaller and smaller, but no one has done anything to stop or make animal cruelty come to a halt. Animals should be treated with more respect and love that what some are given, whether it be dog fighting, neglect, or lab experiments, it is not right to treat animals that
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