Persuasive Against Police Brutality

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Sean Bell, Daniel Shaver, Walter Scott, John Crawford, Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Raupheal Thomas, Tamir Rice, Nicholas Thomas; all these men have something in common: they were unarmed, shot and killed by police. All these officers were let off due to typical excuses such as self-defense, raised suspicion, or probable cause, without a single form of punishment. Law Enforcement, more specifically police officers, should be held accountable and receive reasonable punishment for their misbehavior and wrongdoings. These men and women hold such authority and responsibility that should not be abused whatsoever. These men and women are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the community they protect and serve. Police officers are meant to enforce the law, but why in some cases, does the law not adhere to them? With that being said, police officers need to be held accountable for such intolerable acts and need to be shown some sort of punishment because too many innocent men, women, and even kids are paying the price for the officers’ mistakes. As a way to try to prevent police brutalities and misconduct, body-worn cameras have been issued to document the behavior of police officers. This might have sounded like a good idea to stop police brutality, but in reality it had little effect and simply publicized the fact that police are abusing their power. Officers are still just as brutal as they were before, but now the whole nation can see that. These cameras just are not
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