Persuasive Animal Adoption

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Dogs are known as being a man’s best friend, but picture this, a dog is currently sitting at the shelter in a cold hard kennel waiting for his/her furrever family to come adopt her. What she doesn’t know is that may never happen, and she will never get to be a man’s best friend because she has overstayed her welcome at the shelter. Those at the shelter now must do something with her so that they can bring another animal in. In many cases these dogs that enter the shelter don’t end up so lucky and being euthanized is the shelters only option. According to Humane for Pets, every year “five in ten dogs are euthanized simply because the shelter has no one to adopt them.” With millions of animals entering the shelter each year and only a fraction of them actually getting adopted its essential that we start focusing on shelter animals and adopt don’t shop. This is just a small fragment of a bigger picture depicting the significance of adoption. When adopting a dog people need to be aware and educated about the choices that they make, ensuring that they are adopting for the right reasons. Along with that people need to think about breeders and the negative impact that surround buying from them. It’s more than just adopting a dog and being done with it. Whether you choose to adopt a dog or not there’s always going to be more dogs than there are people willing to adopt. But adopting a dog starts a positive chain reaction of dog adoption and may factors associated with it. In this
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