Persuasive Animal Testing Essay

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The “Chicago Four” are four beagles who were freed last April and adopted by families living in the Chicago area. The four dogs were released by an animal advocacy group called the Beagle Freedom Project. These dogs were able to leave behind a life that is still a reality for thousands of other animals today. According to CBS, research labs had over two thousand dogs in the Chicago area alone (Bellware). With millions of animals in testing, the controversy over whether or not animals should be used in experiments rises. Animals should not be used in experimentation. It can be seen as cruel and inhumane. Alternative methods can also replace the need for animals in testings. Additionally, animals are unalike from humans, possibly creating poor…show more content…
The body of an animal and the body of a human may be similar, but they are not identical. These limitations can cause small side effects to be missed. According to Newsweek, even if a product passes the animal stage, there is only an eight percent chance of the product being approved for humans to use (Ericson). For example, unlike humans, chimpanzees are rarely affected by some diseases, such as hepatitis C, cancer, and malaria, causing a halt for chimpanzee research (Ericson). Paul Furlong, a professor of clinical neuroimaging at Aston University, said that “[it is] very hard to create an animal model that even equates closely to what we’re trying to achieve in the human” (Furlong). This shows that an animal’s anatomy is too different than a human’s to give correct results. To sum up, animals are not identical to humans which can make them bad testing subjects. In summary, animals should not be used in testing. Animal experimentation is cruel and inhumane, and it can be replaced with other methods. Finally, animals make bad test subjects because they are very different from animals and humans. Animal experimentation has caused a lot of uproar, but in the end, people can hope more animals will have happy families to go home to, like the “Chicago
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