Persuasive Writing Techniques: Same Sex Marriage

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Persuasive Writing Techniques Taelyr Simmons University Of Houston Same sex marriage is a disputable topic that has raised controversy in the United States political system. The issue has been a constant recurring discussion between liberals and conservatives. Those in favor of same sex marriage argue on the basis that love conquers all, so everyone should be able to marry the person they love. Many decisions made by politicians on the issue are based off of their religious beliefs. The United States constitution vows to separate church and state, leaving religious opinions out of equation, but because the board legislation is predominantly white, Christians, males, the ideals behind separating church and state are disregarded.…show more content…
If an author is able to get the reader to question their own moral and ethics, they are more likely to change others views on a topic. Michaelson stated that there are a number of priest who have turned out to be child molesters. (Block, W. & Cussen, M., 2000). The bible says that Christians shall not judge others. It is very common for those of the Christian faith to sin and goes against the word of the bible. According to the Washington post by the age of 20 on 12% of people had married but 77% had already had sex before marriage. (Walton, D., 2010). People pick and choose the standard at which they hold sins, and this point strengthens Michaelson’s argument. As long as same sex marriage is not directly affecting society marriage should be allowed. In the counter argument written by Grigg’s he tries to list different ways that same sex marriage effects society but none of his arguments listed are points that can’t be easily argued, which is what made Michaelson’s argument stronger than Griggs. Michaelson also speaks from first person experience which further strengthens his use of ethos. By using personal pronouns such as I, and my Michaelson is informing the reader that he himself has personally experienced the struggles of same sex marriage. Receiving a first-hand source makes an argument more credible as well. For example, if you are listening to a man argue against women’s rights it is not as…show more content…
& Cussen, M. (2000). Should Drugs Be Legalized? In Bishop, P., Ezell, S., Greenwood, K., Hutchins, H., Norwood, M., Stewart, B., Waight, C. (Eds.), Human ecosystems and technological change (6th ed., pp. 241-249). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. Walton, D. (n.d.). Persuasive Definitions and Public Policy Arguments. Media Argumentation, 275-322.
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