Imperialism Debate

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Moderator: This debate will be focused on the topic of imperialism by the United States. Joining us tonight is author Mark Twain and President Theodore Roosevelt. Each speaker will receive the same question and will state his opinion. Afterwards there will be an open discussion, until the next question is asked. Starting with you, Mark Twain, do you support or oppose imperialism? Twain: I will begin by blatantly stating that I am opposed to all imperialism that has been done and will be done by the United States. I believe it is wrong and I have done countless things to show this. I have done numerous speeches and published many articles and essays in order make my opinion clear. I was a part of the Anti-Imperialist League and support everything…show more content…
Twain. It is your turn to respond President Roosevelt. Do you support or oppose imperialism? Roosevelt: I believe that the United States needs to have a commanding influence around the world. In order to do this, we have to use our military to extend the power of the United States to new places. Mr. Twain wrongly believes that imperialism is wrong, but it has accomplished many things. The United States was able to end Spanish rule of Cuba and the Philippines. I was able to help Panama become a separate country from Columbia, which allowed us to have the Panama Cannel built. Doing this has more benefits than just expanding the power of the United States though. It also allows us to improve the conditions of the countries we occupy. Therefore, I am a supporter of imperialism. Moderator: It is now time for our next question. This question is yours Mr. Twain. Do you believe that the United States should conquer and civilize other countries? Twain: As I said earlier, I am opposed to imperialism. This means that I am opposed to all attempts for the United States to conquer another country. I am also opposed to the United States trying to civilize another…show more content…
Mr. Twain. What would you say to people who support imperialism to change their mind? Twain: They need to look at what actually happens because of imperialism. President Roosevelt says that imperialism allows the United States to civilize other countries. This is wrong. People in the Philippines were denied freedom by the United States and many were killed. The United States only helped the Philippines get independence from Spain so the United States itself could get control of it. When the American people see the truth, they will renounce their support for imperialism. Moderator: President Roosevelt, what would you say to people who oppose imperialism to change their mind? Roosevelt: The American people have to look at the good things that happened only because of imperialism. There is a Panama Cannel, the Philippines and Cubans are independent from Spain, and the people in those countries are more civilized with more advanced technology. If those who do not support imperialism see the great things that come from it, they will change their minds. Moderator: That is going to do it for us. This debate on imperialism has concluded. I thank both the speakers for debating and the people in the audience for coming
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