Persuasive Beach Essay

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“You have to earn your place in the sun”, a quote that holds especially true in the Daytona Beach area. Experiencing Daytona living is an opportunity open to everyone, but like any opportunity, you have to work a bit before you can enjoy your spot in the sun. Chances are you are going to need to find a job once you move down to Daytona Beach, Fl. With the right experience and knowledge, you may find yourself with an almost limitless range of possible jobs. This isn’t to say that only certain careers can find a place here, simply that Daytona Beach, like any city, has its dominate industries. What are these industries that stand out above the rest here? Medical: Florida is known for being a place for the young to party, and the old to retire.…show more content…
People visit Daytona Beach all year long for various reasons. Some come to watch the races, others come to take part in Bike Week, and even more come just to enjoy the beach. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and attractions are busy year round. Being Daytona Beach is closer to Orlando than Tampa, tourists visiting Orlando will also find their way here to see the beach. Unique Experiences: As we just talked about, Daytona Beach is a major tourist spot, which opens up a large door to businesses with something unique to offer. For example, there is a Daytona based company that lets you go parasailing, and another that will take you out past the shoreline for some deep sea fishing. On Nova Rd, there is a zipline obstacle course, and on Atlantic Ave a mini-golf course that goes up a small mountain and down onto a pirate ship. Thinking outside the box in Daytona is the key to success. There are some other industries that take place in Daytona that seek employees now and then. Industries such as manufacturing, fast food, retail, all have a place in Daytona Beach. While we can’t help you get one of these jobs, we can help you get a place to call your own. Just contact the Home Team of Real Estate today and get started finding your ideal home
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