Persuasive Climate Change

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Persuasive Essay : Climate Change Recently, nations have been plagued by the constant emission of pollutants across the globe. These pollutants mainly include of carbon monoxide, methane, and sulfur dioxide. Together, these pollutants can cause damage and affect all forms of life. The melting ice caps, the hazards to general health, and the bleaching of coral reefs are many such dangers that are being caused by pollution. The world needs to confront these issues and reduce the emission of pollutants worldwide. Lately, the polar ice caps has gained world wide news coverage as they melt away at an alarming rate. With the quick melting of the ice caps, the world has begun to go through many geographical and severe changes. These changes include the loss of landmass due to rising sea levels and habitats being melted away. The rise of sea…show more content…
Carbon monoxide is a prime example of a pollutant that can cause serious to fatal health hazards in the polluted area. Carbon monoxide can act as a literal poison and forces the human body to not function properly. Another effect from this is that It can affect entire massively populated cities with their side effects if people do not take the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Citizens in many chinese cities are even pushed to wear masks over their mouths to reduce the amount of pollutants inhaled. Lastly, the coral reefs shocked the world when observations and research determined that pollution has lead the reefs to be bleached due to above normal water temperature. The Great Barrier Reef is a prime example of this ongoing tragedy that is leaving an entire ecosystem in utter destruction. Their majestic beauty has brightened our world since their discovery, but it seems their wonder will be coming to a colorless and lifeless end. It also seem that we are losing the coral reefs fairly fast which means that we won't have much left
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