Persuasive Communication Skills

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The key to developing a successful business is fostering collaborative relationships through persuasive forms of communication. These create influential factors that inspire and motivate store teams to achieve organizational goals, objectives, and vision. In addition, it allows a manager to construct and implement business plans, programs, and initiatives through ethical decisions and actions. As a result, effective leadership is created and leads to organizational influence over management practices, policies, programs, people, objectives, vision, goals, and objectives. The intended purpose of persuasive communication is to convince another individual that your message is the most logical choice on the path to success. It creates a following…show more content…
These programs related to the adoption center at PetSmart and its corresponding policies or Total Wine and the effectiveness of the growler station sales program, policies, and practices. The foundation of these competencies, skills, and abilities were developed at C.V.S and Lowes, I mastered them at PetSmart and A.C. Moore. As a member of the management team, we would have manager meetings on a weekly basis and store meetings on a quarterly basis to discuss topics involving sales, audits, processes, planning, staffing, shrink, ethics, goals and strategies. This process would include trying to persuade the team of your ideas, programs, strategies, and goals by analyzing a problem and determining an appropriate solution. This often required an addendum to existing policies, practices, or programs and encouraged synthesis between the management team and store associates. Once an idea was constructed and implemented, it would be measured by a tangible goal or S.M.A.R.T plan The concepts involved with a S.M.A.R.T plan or goal were who, why, what, where, when, which, and how. Most recently, I had to convince the management team and store associates of an initiative that an associate and I created; this initiative was the "Brew Club" and "Growler Newsletter". The process involved the following…show more content…
Constructed a plan based on a unified consensus and collected, assembled, and arranged information. Measured the effectiveness of my persuasive communication skills by the completion, efficiency, and presentation of the project. In addition, the view point of the associate and support the plan received from them. The experiences of my retail management career have developed my ability to be an effective communicator by utilizing persuasive techniques to foster collaborative behaviors between team members and lead them towards the organizational vision, objectives, and goals. I learned the following competencies in my experiences: developing direct reports and others, action oriented, planning, self- development , customer focus, integrity and trust, and problem-solving. In addition, the following skills and abilities were acquired. Skills Acquired: Holds developmental conversations with team members and encourages their development through coaching, improvement plans, and supports them with necessary feedback. Building trustworthy and collaborative relationships with associates, peers, and
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