Persuasive Essay 1984

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1984 Essay Technology is taking us closer to the world of Big Brother. Current technology is more than capable of monitoring our every move, and our over exaggerated fear leads to increased monitoring. I believe that we all have a right to privacy. Technology is advancing every single day. From phones, to computers, to cars, everything is improving. Just last week on my birthday I got a new laptop for college, and as soon as you open it the camera can recognize your face and will automatically log in. That same camera could easily be monitoring me, and online my actions and search history could be recorded as well. Even traffic lights have cameras now. A few years ago Edward Snowden released powerpoint slides with NSA secrets revealing the Prism program that monitors US communications.…show more content…
Without fear their society would rebel against Big Brother. With fear our society can and will be controlled by politicians, gradually take us closer to a society like Big Brother. After 9/11 fear among citizens and lawmakers ran wild, and it we have been paying the toll. A TIME article found that the cost of the US war on terror is an estimated $5,000,000,000,000 or five trillion dollars (Thompson). Just 45 days after 9/11 the Patriot Act was hastily passed. The act is in clear violation of the Fourth Amendment that protects against unlawful search and seizure; it allows our government to spy on American citizen’s technology use without a warrant. The act was intended to protect against terrorism, but between 2003 and 2005 there were 143,074 National Security Letters that allowed the FBI to search through personal information without a warrant resulting in 53 criminal referrals, of which zero were terrorist threats (ACLU). I do believe in monitoring for terrorist threats , but we can’t let fear control our decisions. Our right to privacy is fundamental, and without reasonable cause no one should be monitored by the
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