Persuasive Essay: A Flawed Beauty Pageants

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A Flawed Beauty Pageant Today in society we see many new things, some being interested and some being not so interesting. Though many are eye appealing and entertaining are they really as good as we make them out to be? Now we see little girls not even in Junior High performing in beauty pageants. These pageants are both helpful and harmful to them, by this I mean there are pro’s and con’s but that’s in everything we do, right? The problem with this is that these kids are young and haven’t even started planning their future because it’s not important to them at this age, but as parents we forget that the things we use are harmful and not healthy for the kids even while they are beautiful and performing in front of a ton of people. A beauty…show more content…
These things include, chemical exposure, attitude changes and respect towards their elders. Chemicals within the hairspray can stunt the child's growth. The make up contains many different types of chemicals that can be harmful to the skin and also what’s beneath the skin and can possibly cause cancer or a skin disease. While the chemicals are harmful, so is the way that the kid begins to view life. As the kid walks on stage and walks across to be judged by many older people they gain the sense of not being satisfied and that they’re better than everyone. When a kid disrespects her parents it’s not only because of the pageants but it’s also the way the parents raised the kid in these situations. As the parents enter this position to allow their daughter to do these pageants they should not spoil them every moment but instead teach them manners. Not only do they treat their parents wrong but their peers and associates because they will have the mindset that they’re better and none of them are prettier or even smarter than they are. Even though there are many pro’s and con’s that can balance the whole argument out, you still come to the conclusion in which everyone can agree on. That is that the pageants are a good and positive part of the kids life due the many life changing experiences that comes with it

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