Persuasive Essay Abortion

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Abortion is a contraversal subject that is brought up in many conversations today, frorn lay person to presidental canadites. This topic has many view points considering whether or not the fetus is human, and if so whether or not it has a right to life. Though a heavily debated issue. many would rather sweep this subject under the rug. Abortion itself is nothing to be ignored though. Action is desperately needed as numerous unborn babies die each day. This is where our government comes into play. For too long has our government floated around this subject, and the people are growing weary of there constant avoidance. Has there been enough consideration as to whether or not it 's ethical? Educating on alternatives, making ammendments. and limiting…show more content…
The WHO (World Health Organazation) estimates that about 40-50 million abortions occur each year. This would mean that around 125,000 abortions happen every day. This is an alarming and heartbreaking amount of fetuses that are never given a chance at life. Women everywhere are trying to gain the right to abort, but w 'hat good comes from it. Some plead that they have a fatal medical condition, were raped, or that the pregnancy was unplanned. While in rare cases this is okay, it is still wrong to take the life of another human being. Even though it may not look lkie a child, it still has a right to life. The mere thought of having an abortion is both grisly and unsettling. Another twisted piece to this puzzle is that most of the time all of the fetuses and baby parts are either sold on the black market or are donated to science. Believe it or not" scientists actually use baby matter to test its reaction towards different chemicals and medications. Our government chooses to remain dormant while these things happen. So much could be done to put an end to this inhumanity. One of the many reasons the government refuses to budge, is because of the differing views between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans are strictly pro-life and state that the fetus is
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