Persuasive Essay About Aliens

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In 20 years, earth faces its greatest enemy do we hurt our people to save them or do we let them live happily until we’re obliterated? It is 2212, a time on earth where the General Secretary of the United Nations is now the elected leader of every nation, and the earth faces an issue as a whole against a threat we all expected, aliens. The aliens have communicated with planet earth after centuries of expecting their call, and they do not come in peace to help unite as one force, instead they come to demolish our existence. Aliens or as we call them, the “Frathue” have given us an ultimatum, to pay $75 trillion in supplies or else they will come and destroy the human race and take everything left behind. The Great Supreme Ruler faces many difficulties in the decision making his councilmen have different opinions on the topic. General Secretary James was in his chamber thinking about what to do, not knowing their technology or equipment he thought that the best decision was to pay for the safety of our citizens. Obviously, to communicate with them they must have technology at least somewhat on par with earth, and that frightened James of trying to go to war with these aliens. However, the meetings was soon and some people did want to go to war, some people wanted to evacuate as much supplies and people to mars, and General Secretary James, thought that this was the best idea for the human race. When he enters the meeting room they convene and call order, he addresses the
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