Persuasive Essay About Animal Testing

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Imagine you are smelling the flowers and are enjoying life. But, when you turn around there are people with a net ready to snatch you up. You spend the rest of your life crying out in pain, loneliness, and horror. When you go in for a test again, you are in pain, but then there is a pang of pain greater than the others. Soon the numbness kicks in and you are floating. Everything goes black. You are just another casualty. Animal testing has harmed many animals who don’t have a choice in whether or not they are hurt. For example, it is basically animal abuse and their deaths are awful. Also, how to change it simple and more accurate. Sure, many people believe that animal testing has helped many people and has had many breakthroughs. But, when…show more content…
There are countless ways to not test on animals. Science has broken through in many ways, one of the ways is to grow cells that act they exact same way in a lab. Also if you would prefer, you can grow a whole organ. These options provide a realistic test. Many people are willing to donate for the sake of happier and better lives for these animals. Also, scientists can use donated tissue for a better alternative. Computers are also a better way of testing. People can program the computer to act like anything, but more specifically organs or cells. Furthermore, machines, such as cat scans, can scan people safely and mimic their vitals. All of these tests accurately mimic human vitals 90% of the time (Alternatives to Animal Testing). Why would you use animal testing if there is a better, more accurate way?
While some may say that animal testing is awesome and should be used for the rest of our lives because it appears to have helped many medical breakthroughs. Nevertheless, it turns out that it has not helped medical research breakthroughs. Some evidence to prove my reason is that the polio vaccine was delayed 40 years by monkey tests (33 Reasons Why Animal Testing is Pointless). People could have used different alternatives to animal testing. Plus, most are more effective and help many more breakthroughs than animal

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