Persuasive Essay About Animals

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As a child I can honestly say I was not one for nature. If ever there was a picture of a couch potato in a dictionary I would have been it. That includes avoiding everything from the grass in my own backyard to the school field trips we took to the zoo. If it was not a tiny dog in a purse it did not catch my attention. Growing up as a teenager when artificial intelligence and technology began taking over the world my “if it is not technology it is not for me” phase hit a growth spurt. That is until I thought key word thought I was doing myself a favor taking environmental science my senior year in high school. Learning about all the different animals and habitats and all the dangers posed to an abundance of those habitats, humans being the considerable danger of course, piqued my interest. Writing an article about elephants for Time Magazine and the dangers they now face, my interest is once again piqued. After first receiving the assignment I began thinking about what comes to mind when I think about elephants and the first thing that came to mind was Cheetah Girls Two. Cheetah Girls the best movie ever made showed elephants and described how intelligent they are and all the different human uses for them in places like India and Africa. After Cheetah Girls my mind fluttered over to the Houston Zoo and the herd of elephants they keep there. Most (what I would assume) average size with endearing flappy ears just like Dumbo. Remembering that I am not the expert on all

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