Speech On Zebras

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Have you ever wondered why don 't we ride zebras? Our planet has 140 big useful type animals on it and over the last 20,000 years our ancestors have been busy trying to ride, tame and domesticate as many of these creatures as possible. So why is it with all these wonderful animals to choose from and thousands of years of time only a handful had the right stuff to become man 's best friend. 20,000 years is a long time. It was the Stone Age about this time man was just beginning to tame the wolf, this is the dog 's wild ancestor. Since the Stone Age was way before people discovered metal, this meant our ancestors had to catch animals the hard way on foot and with only the simplest of tools they could. Forget about a four-wheel drive and steel-tipped…show more content…
What would happen if your mom forgot to put the sugar in the mix, the same goes for animals? Most of the world 's large animals are only missing one or two ingredients, they would be perfect pals with humans if only someone would have remembered the sugar. Many of the big carnivores are just downright mean and would rather eat you. In truth, our zebra can 't eat us but unfortunately, as zebras grow older they usually get meaner. The cape buffalo and the hippopotamus also suffer from a similar personality disorder. The cape buffalo is considered the most dangerous and most unpredictable mammal in Africa, but it is actually the hippopotamus that holds the mammalian record for killing the most people in Africa per year. So the simplest answer to why we don 't ride zebras is, zebras are mean. Our zebra is perfect in every other way, he grows fast, breeds easy, eats everything inside, stays calm within his herd and he 's just the right size. But it 's a big bug, zebras prove too nasty for domestication. Our ancestors needed animals that were a bit friendlier animals, the Zebras cousins the horse and donkey turned out to be quite a bit nicer. That 's lucky for us because of the zebra and a few of his other relatives. Several types of wild-ass have the nasty tendency to bite people and not let
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