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Barcelona with children: ideas for a great holiday

Barcelona - is not just the cafes, bars and restaurants in the medieval streets, trendy shops, and world-famous attractions. It is also a huge opportunity for an interesting pastime with children. Are you confident that you know the best places? Check yourself! And if not, use these ideas!

Run and jump
All the energy your kids can splash outdoors. On a hot day, go to the Jardins de Joan Brossa park on Montjuïc. This is the former amusement park, which has preserved its attractiveness for a family holiday, despite the fact that the roller coasters were removed. Be prepared for the fact that you will certainly get stained: there is a play area, where kids can arrange fights in the style of "Gold Rush" by splashing the water and attacking with sand bombs.

Another nice green place that attracts with its cool water and childish fun is Park Creueta del Coll. It is an oasis in the city, and the beach, which never has raging waves. While the kids splash around in the pool with friends, you can relax and sunbath in a deckchair.

Ohm's law, the theory of evolution, and other interesting things
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For example, the Museum of ideas and inventions MIBA (Museu d'Idees i Invents de Barcelona) offers its younger guests and accompanying adults to glimpse into the future. All kinds of inventions, brilliant, interesting, or just ridiculous and meaningless, affect the fact that human imagination is limitless. MIBA exhibition is divided into three parts: Sociedad ilimitada (latest technology and useful development), Reflexonarium (ideas that change the understanding of the ordinary things) and Espacio Absurdo, dedicated to the inventions that have only one task – make you

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