Persuasive Essay About Becoming An Adult

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Becoming an adult is not as easy as I thought. I fear the future, to an extent. I fear trying to file taxes, or paying bills and worrying I will do something wrong. Fredrick Douglass gave a quote that I think is inspiring, “ If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” I believe this is true because if I never try I will not struggle, but if I never try nothing will get done. I believe that even though it gets hard sometimes, learning from those struggles will allow it to eventually get better. Sometimes responsibilities can be a struggle. People, especially children, like to think that when adulthood arrives there is nothing but freedom. I once might have thought that myself. Now I can see that there are responsibilities to be able to have freedom. If there was no responsibility and free to do as one pleased there would be mass chaos and zilch would get done because nothing had to be done. We have to take responsibility so tasks will get done. Paying taxes is one of those. Imagine no one had to pay taxes. Now, imagine horrible roads, and no firefighters or police. Taxes pay for roads and keep them up and running. They also pay our firefighters and police. No one would want to do those brutal jobs if there was no pay! Those firefighters and police are doing their job, which is also a responsibility they have to the public. Voting is also a responsibility. We want to make sure we have excellent leaders and not someone trying to get famous from being the president. If we

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