Persuasive Essay About Being Human

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Many people walk around either to their next job, the grocery store, on a date, and they might have had something happen to them that day, the day before, a week ago, and so they start thinking about it. They might ask themselves why that might have affected them. The answer to that question is very vague. The answer is very complex and broad. There are many reasons, but it all ties into what being a human is. Part of being human means having emotions, a capacity and capability to feel and understand. Which is what makes us different than robots. Being human means having the capacity, in which capacities grow. There are no limits as Paul Brandt once said “Don’t tell me the sky 's the limit when there are footprints on the moon”. Our beliefs and philosophies make us human. What we think is right will determine how we act towards doing something. No one is the same. Humans are very unique and complex, having many abilities such as emotions, having adaptability and change. What makes a person human is their consciousness, soul, ability to change, and the desire to get better. There’s one reason why people can never be replaced by robots. That reason is the fact that robots can 't get better on their own. They need upgrades to enhance, or become better than before. While humans can grow and get stronger. Another reason why humans are unique is because we are made out of organic life, not a compound, ion, but we tick. People have tissues and organs that work on their own.

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