Narrative Essay On Big Break

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Big Break
Today is a big day. I go back to school. To that drab, old red brick building. I’m not going the whole day; thankfully, I get to escape after lunch for my doctor’s appointment. I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I’m going back to school and why I have an appointment. These questions circle around in my head day after day because I don’t understand either.
It was a Friday; Friday the 13th to be exact. I never believed that something bad would happen. I don’t think anyone does until it’s too late. I remember it was a rainy morning, but I didn’t care. Coach Matt had pulled me into his office letting me know that several different colleges were “VERY” interested in me and that my dream school, Carter Central, had a scholarship with my
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You won’t be able to play in games this season, but by June we should have you back up to full capacity! We are going to get that cast off your leg today. You will be able to start physical therapy by the end of this week!”
“June! What about college! What about my scholarship!”
“I’m sure there will be other college options for you Charlotte. After we remove this cast, you’ll only have to wear a boot for a few more weeks. However, you can start to regain your strength long before then.”
I leave the hospital feeling worse than I did before arriving.
I spend most of the afternoon in my room; except for dinner. Mom always insists we eat as a family. I don’t say a thing through the entire meal. My little sister doesn’t have a problem chatting away, however. I spend the majority of my time staring at the table; instead of eating. I glance up once, and notice how frail Mom looks, like she lost weight.
Before I go to bed, Mom slides a note under my door. It reads, “You have a meeting with your coach tomorrow before school. Everything will be okay.”
“Yeah right,” I mutter under my breath.
I stare at all of the trophies in Coach Matt’s office. I can’t bear to look him in the eyes. He begins to talk
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