Persuasive Essay About Breaking Walls

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Pretend. Just how many times a person can pretend to feel some things in life. There are many occasions that force us to. But mostly it is our own choice.

Everything is a game of pretend. With every person being on different levels emotionally and mentally, we get to know how better they can pretend. Not everyone shows the real them when you first meet them. Everyone has build walls around them. You’ll get to know with every minute you spend with them, how tall their walls really are.

Its not just with one. Almost everyone does it. With every brick they shut off a piece of themselves. With every stone they shut off their memories in a box. With every wall they hide their each face. No one could ever break those walls. Sometimes we might get a window, but not for long. You can only see the person as they show themselves. It’s up to them to show their real face or conceal it with walls. You cant break those walls with love or force. neither you could scale them. You’ll always have to wait for the window.
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a map of voices. A soul with such force you can’t reckon with. People don’t shut off for no reason. Everyone has a part of them they have hidden where they haven’t let anyone in. Where no one could break the wall. There are no windows either. You have to either accept it or move on to the next maze of a person. When things get out of hand, we just build back our walls.

It takes only second to realize that you’ve been betrayed. Only a second to lose all hope. Only one second to hate someone. And just another second to build the trust back up. Life is easy. People are hard. People make it complicated with their emotions and that’s what builds the society. On the belief of emotions that go out of hand. I am not saying its wrong. It’s just the way it is. It is so that people have emotionless now. They are just empty voids. They have so many walls build around them that they lose focus. Such big labyrinths that they get
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