Argumentative Essay On Bullying And Assisted Suicide

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Bully is a very common thing around the United States that unfortunately all students have to go through bullying and have to suffer with this issue daily. Bullying can be physically some time with a little bit of pushing and a little bit of tripping, but then sometimes bullying can come, but with words that can cause a lot of people a lot of pain and a lot of suffering. All over our country has to suffer alone and take all the bullying to themselves. A student or a person that is bullying should reach out to some help, this can help them feel more confident in speaking up and in expressing themselves, and this can eliminate suicide attempts.

A person or student getting bullied should always reach out for some help or some support so they
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For example, in the movie “ A girl like her” the main character Jessica Burns is being bullied by the most popular girl around the high school which is Avery Keller.Another reason why you should reach out for someone for help is to feel more confident and to speak up. In the movie “ A girl like her” the main character Jessica Burns feels more comfortable with her best friend Brian. This demonstrates that Jessica does feel more comfortable around with her friends and with her family. Jessica Burns did not want to reach out for help and if she would have reached out for help she would have been alright right now and wouldn 't have to suffer.And lastly there has been a lot of suicide going on just by the reason of bullying. In the movie “A girl like her” the main character didn 't tell anybody about the bullying issue she had and everyday it got worse. Until one point that Jessica had enough and decided to drink some pills and try to commit suicide. She was taken to the hospital and was in a coma for 2 weeks and then luckily she woke up from that coma. There has been a lot of people commiting suicide because people are bullying them and making them feel bad so they think that they should just take away their lives instead of just getting embarrassed and getting called
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