Old Cat Pets

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Care Tips For New And Old Cat Owners

Cats have no competition in the animal kingdom and are easily the best pets to keep around the home for several reasons. Cats can be terrifically fun, and they can also take care of vermin in your home. Read on to find out how to care for your kitty.

Check out the shelter when adopting a cat. Shelters are filled with beautiful cats, and the fee for adoption will basically cover the needed vet care. Besides, adopting a cat from an animal shelter means you are saving this cat's life.

Cats love to squeeze into tiny spaces. If they've got a collar on, this may put them in danger as it can get stuck. A collar that is a breakaway model will detach itself if it gets pulled on. This can help to save a couple of your cat's nine lives.

If your cat is female, you need to get it spayed at the proper age. Even if your cat is an indoor
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Dogs normally pant on a regular basis. Panting in a cat possibly indicates something serious is going on. Contacting your veterinarian is a good idea, particularly for cats that have built up a history of respiratory difficulties over time.

Dry food is best for adult cats. Kittens need wet food due to having small teeth. Once they grow adult teeth, they benefit from chewing dry food. If you have a picky eater, you might want to try blending wet food with dry food.

Ensure you always give your cat flea and tick medicine. There are many different varieties of monthly drops that have proven to be quite effective. These medicines keep harmful parasites away from your cat. Ensure you select a brand that is specifically meant for cats. Never use a brand meant for dogs because this can be dangerous for your furry feline.

While cats lack the ferocity and imposing mass of dogs, they're still capable hunters and loyal defenders of your home. Cats are quite good at all they do and do not mind sharing their life with you. These skills are one of the many reason cats make such wonderful

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