Persuasive Essay On Christmas Break

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Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! My school has decided to make our Christmas break one week instead of two weeks for Christmas break! Although some people believe that having one week instead of two will help you learn more, it may actually be argued that having two weeks may help your brain think on other things, since it is a reward and the school gave it to us. If you just take away half of something it's like giving someone twenty dollars, and then just takes ten away, and thatś pretty mean. Keep reading if you want to hear three strong reasons on how we shouldn’t have a week cut off from our Christmas break. One important reason, that if you have two weeks, you can spend more time and have fun with your family. Everybody can say that family is important, so let’s keep having two weeks for Christmas break instead of one and not let the school take away our break. With all the time you have in two weeks, you can, sled, build a snowman, decorate your…show more content…
You all know that you have to go to activity, which is like an hour, then sit in a classroom on a chair for like an hour for four classes, and then you have lunch and recess, which is only like thirty minutes, and then you have to go back to sitting down, and doing work for another three classes that take like one hour each, which is hard on a child, and we only have two days for doing anything else. Two weeks from school can help us refresh and get through another few month for spring break and the summer break, and then we start all over again, new year, new grade, new learning. Also, you don’t have to worry about tests every week, and study everyday and do homework at the same time, since you have a test and homework almost every week in Middle School, and it's going to be worse in high school, so get ready middle schoolers, we have a long, hard, and bumpy
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