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Christmas is Coming! Are You Excited or Afraid?

The most wonderful time of the year is getting near. How do you feel about it? Are you thrilled or do you fear it?

In the Philippines, September 1 officially marks the countdown of days before Christmas. Along with this, people start to prepare for the most awaited celebration of the year – the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is also during this season that people get to be very excited whilst some tend to be troubled. While some view Christmas as a festivity, others equal it to expenses. Truly, some people spend a lot of money during this time of the year but it is really something not worthy of worrying about. Why? You can still celebrate Christmas even without being broke! Here are some tips on how to save money yet
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And since you already have a tailored plan, preparation just comes handy. Having a well-thought plan keeps you set everything in place – your money, time and resources.

Make a List, Set a Budget and Stick to It

Write down all the names of the people you want to give gifts to. Write also your ideas of what items you want to give and the amount you are willing to spend on each.

For your Christmas decorations, list down the stuffs you need to buy, to recycle or to revamp. Allot a limited fund for this.

For groceries, note those items that can be bought ahead of time and allocate your budget for these.

The secret on all of these is sticking on your budget and not going overboard.

Shop Early

Shopping ahead allows you to enjoy seasonal sales. As early as June, shops throw season-ender sales where you can get items at 70% off or more. Branded clothes for a fraction of its price? Why not!

If you need to travel back home or you plan to go out of the country during the holidays, buying your tickets and booking your travels ahead of time saves you a lot of bucks. Take advantage of promos being offered from time to time by those airline

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