Persuasive Essay About Christmas Trees

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Families around the world should buy a fake Christmas trees for Christmas. Fake Christmas trees would save a lot of families money. Fake trees can also last you up to 3 years, maybe even more and it doesn't have to be taken care of . These types of trees have different type of material compared to the real trees . Families can also choose the size of the tree they want. Fake Christmas trees also come in many different colors , like white green pink and black etc. Real Christmas trees are pretty nice , too but cutting trees down can hurt our environment. If our pollution and oxygen does down it can hurt others . It can hurt the ones far away also , and animals can also get hurt and also their homes. Real Christmas trees take up a lot more pollution than a fake Christmas tree.…show more content…
We shouldn't cut trees down , so there could be a lot more animals living around us. Students in school will also have less material to do their work with . Another reasons why we should stop using Christmas trees it because real Christmas trees keep , our air clean and that is better than having to cut the trees down and having bad air in our system. The real question is what type of tree would you and your family pick for your environment? Families should by fake christmas trees because they are cheap. Fake christmas trees also come with decorations and you will never waste the same amount of money , as you would with a real christmas tree . Some fake christmas trees already come with lights for the tree . The box of the fake christmas tree can also bring the star of the tree which goes on top of the tree. but it's not as much

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