Persuasive Essay About Civil Rights

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If you take a look at American life 50, 60, and even 70 years ago, its much different from the life that we know today. People of today do not have to constantly watch their backs, or remind their children that they are not allowed to play outside because of one simple factor; skin. Our progress is undoubtedly a positive slope, but as the saying says, there 's surely always room for improvement. The question we should ask ourselves is if we are doing enough to ensure that our past advocates, and philosophers, and supporters did not die in vain because then we would be unworthy of claiming the rights that they fought so hard for. The civil rights movement has always been a major political and civil unrest, but civil rights activists created unrest for their kids, and their grandchildren, to secure equal treatment for everybody. Racial tension has existed since time can tell, even before there was any type of government in effect. The United states that we know today allows everybody of every skin color, race, and ethnicity to vote, own property, and even do ridiculously simple things that were not an option before like go to the park or walk after dark. Denying that there has been progress with the civil rights movements is equivalent to saying Martin Luther King Jr advocated for no good reason. As Barack Obama said during his speech in Selma, Alabama, “ If you think nothings changed in the past fifty years, ask somebody who lived through the selma or chicago of the
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