The Importance Of Climate Change In Vietnam

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I believe climate change is a big problem around the world right now, and will also in the future, and Vietnam is one of many nation affect by it. In Vietnam, climate change can affect our country a lot like other country, as you can know our country main income is agriculture, and if climate change happen rapidly, our country will be in big problem. And climate change will also bring many diseases to our country for example like flu, cough, H5N1. In our country, most of our big cities are built on plain so if sea level rises we will meet even more problems; many more disaster will happen, and in this essay I will describe explain clearly what will happen to our future, also find out if we can prevent this. [EVIDENCE FOR FLU, COUGH, H5N1???…show more content…
For me, climate also cause me some problem, but mainly are illness, allergy, not only that, it also affect my activity, as you know weather is changing a lot so sometime it is rain when I try to do outdoor activity. In my family, most of them are aware of the climate change situation, they know what is climate change and how it’s affect us, my friends are aware of these too. But because of work, school, and the pressure of the economy right now, most of them are ignored entire problem. Pham Thi Thanh Truc: there is even more motor bike than people in Ho Chi Minh city.” That is the main cause of climate change in Vietnam. But not all of my friend and family are like that some of them trying they best to reduce pollution. Like my friend will walk to school or cycling to school rather than using car or motor bike. And at home, rather than using computer, watching TV, taking bath likes us, they will reduce all of that. And the best solution right now is encouraging other people to do like them. Some time if you walk down the street of Vietnam you will see posters say thing that make you contribute in stopping climate change happen. This way is actually very effective. It may change a…show more content…
And the temperature show that it will increase even more. Many disasters will come upon us. But first, the one that have been affect the most by climate change are nature, right now in Antarctica, ice melting cause a major problem. The polar bear, it in danger, and soon it will be extinct, because polar bear cannot swim, and the ice is melting, that mean the polar bear soon will don’t have any place to live, and it harder for them to find prey, and if they extinct, the whole eco system will collapse. Many other animal will die, or their will evolve fast enough to survive, that hurt the nature a lot. After that many more species from tropical, Africa will get extinct to because of rise sea level, because of the same reason, they will lost their habitat and that eco system also collapse again, for our human it going to cost ton of money for people adapt the changing habitat, and if a country cannot afford it like Vietnam, they will die. Here is some example if climate change happens in the

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