Reflective Essay: How A Degree Changed My Life

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I guess it did but I mean the problem, the reason everybody makes college such a big deal it's not a big deal it's just furthering your education so that you are proving to somebody that you did something more than other people. So if you're going to go to a job search, I mean bottom line is you have to work no matter what for the rest of your life. You just do. Eiither you're a single mom stay at home mom, whatever you know you could be the man that you could be the person that made $60,000 $200,000 you have to work to live and some facet. It doesn't matter what you do. So for me I guess college was just a means to an end. it was just to prove that I could do it and once I proved to myself that I can do it then I was able to prove to employers that I could do it even though it doesn't make me any more money now, if I would have had the right path it would have. I've got tons of friends that make really good money and we have the same degree no different. so for me college it's disappointed me a little bit honestly that my degree hasn’t been able to give me a little bit more money and that I'm not, with my work ethic and my experience that I can't get what I deserve and I honestly feel like I deserve more money now. I put in the time and effort, i’ve worked for 20 years so really college is just an addition to your life but you know if the people that don't do it just a…show more content…
It was a mix. I was happy at times, but it was hard because I wasn't really focused because nobody I knew at that time was still in college and my age group, but I mean think about it most of my friends graduated if they were going to do it or they quit doing it. Plus I moved to Columbus it was a new set of people that had to learn to live with so I didn't have any of my same network of people from before and so it was positive. Umm have you ever felt that, felt that, college threw you into adulthood when you weren’t
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