Persuasive Essay About College Sports

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College Sports
College sports are becoming more popular than ever in the United States. It’s attracting a lot of people, not only students, teachers and people close to the players. College sports games are covered by important TV sports channels. Thanks to it’s growing popularity, it has also attracted money. The earning that colleges receive from athletics programs, fees paid by TV networks and tickets to attend games have made college sports a successful business. So colleges are always looking for young talent and awarded them with even full scholarships. These young hopefuls most often attract attention for their sports skills and not for their intellectual skills. Many people are upset of this situation. They think institutes are places for learning, not for sports. Some others are angry because a lot of these athletes and their coaches earn more money than even the university president. They don’t see the good points of it. But, what about the opportunities that these scholarships give to young athletes with limited resources to learn?
Nowadays, collages take their sports section into account. They support their sports teams with big athletics programs and invest money on them. Universities know that sports are a lucrative
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This is one of the retractors ideas that people in disagreement with these programs have. And they are right. Technically, sports are not an official subject in colleges. People think that collage sports compromise the rest of the students. One of the requirements of these sports programs is getting good grades during the course of their education. So, they have been cases where those athletes are provided with fake grades for keep them playing in their team. These events infuriate the other students that make a big effort for keeping their good grades, because these athletes don’t even sweat for their “excellent grades”. What would be your behavior in the face of such a
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