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Apartments in Columbia, MO are plentiful and all of them have their own personality. Your preferences are sure to align perfectly with one of them. If you’re looking for a city that’s teeming with ethnic diversity, you’ll love Columbia. It’s the perfect example of a melting pot at its finest. This southern city will offer you a wonderful place to call home.

Before European settlement, the Missouri and Osage Indians lived in the Columbia area. In 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled through the region via the Missouri River. The area was first called Columbia in 1821. The following year, a hospital was established and by the 1830s, the town had a newspaper, theater and college.

If you like mostly warm and hot weather, Columbia will suit you just fine. Summers are notoriously hot and humid with 100° F days not too
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Just like any city, rush-hour traffic can be heavy at times in Columbia. Compared with many US cities, though, you won 't have to worry about too much congestion. The main freeways for getting to and from the city are US 63 and I-70. If you want to travel within the city, Routes 740, 163 and 763 will get you quickly to your destination.

If you 're looking for media outlets, the Columbia Missourian will provide you with the morning news. Evening news stories are covered by the Columbia Daily Tribune and you can also visit them on the web. The Missourian puts out a weekly city-focused magazine known as Vox. You 'll also find ample radio and television stations within the city.

Several qualities make Columbia a unique and desirable city. Since there aren 't any large cities too close by, it 'll be easy to get away when that is needed. If you wind up wanting more city than you have, by traveling several hours east, you can visit the sprawling city of St. Louis. Columbia makes a wonderful retreat from harsh winters of the North and boasts numerous examples of natural beauty. The mighty Missouri River can be reached by a short drive to the
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