Should Community Service Be Mandatory

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People do community service to give back to the community, but what if one grew up to be a good giving back civilian? If one started volunteering at a young age will it benefit him when he grows up? Should he/her start giving back at a young age? Will it be worth it for the community and what influence would it give? These questions should be taken into consideration when the parents rise up their child. Parents should teach their child about community service because it will give their child a better chance to grow up as a good citizen. The numbers of youth volunteering around the world is increasing. Youth might volunteer as a school-based project, some might volunteer to finish their mandatory service hours to complete their requirements. Its not rare to find young ones helping the elderly or cleaning the beach just for fun, rising your child in a way that involves community service will help him develop a brighter future. Moreover community service might change the …show more content…

The feeling one gets after doing something good for others around us is not explainable, but it sure helps us feel more human and develop a better view of the things around us, what if children and youth where exposed to the same feeling, in my opinion children and youth will start participating more and more in community service projects to feel that they did something for the community. Charity work should not be mandatory and people should not have community service requirements to graduate, get a job or have a scholarship. The feeling of doing good is simply washed away when charity works becomes mandatory, youth who want to volunteer will do more but those who are not really interested will have a negative idea for volunteering and community service. The problem is that many schools, institutes and universities around the world use the mandatory community service for graduation. For example the university I study in has mandatory 80 hours of community service to get your final

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