Persuasive Essay About Cyber Bullying

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My name is Joshua Westmoreland. I am a student of Nexus International School. I am writing to inform to you that there have been a case of suicide which are linked to cyberbullying in my university recently. It has become a huge problem around schools lately because I believe that cyberbullying is becoming more common as technology in schools are growing, such as schools adding in computers along with wi-fi. However, there are many ways that cyberbullying can be prevented. I suggest that schools look into the issue and handle it. I believe that there is not much action taken on cyberbullying in schools, and that schools should really consider handling this issue as it happens frequently around students especially teenagers. Bullying includes physical harassment, gossiping, spreading rumours, and insults; there are many types of bullying such as Cyberbullying, Covert Bullying, physical and verbal bullying. The most common in schools out of these types of bullying is Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when children or teens are harassed by other children or teenagers with the use of internet. It can involve things like sending mean and vulgar messages to a person, posting information that involves another person that might be private under the intention of making fun of somebody. Things like phones, social networking sites, computers which are quite common around teenagers of this generation, are the main tools that cyberbullies use. This allows the bully to have a false

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