Persuasive Essay About Drinking And Driving

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We have all done it. Either answered the call or sent a text. Just one won’t hurt, or so we think. Even after the numerous warnings and constantly being hit with slogans such as “Arrive alive, don’t text and drive” or “Make your car a no phone zone”, we still don’t believe the risks apply directly to us. Sure, there is always the story of some girl in Connecticut who died after wrapping her car around a tree, but that’s all it is to us, a story. Many of today’s drivers fail to recognize the dangers of driving and often forget or ignore the lessons they were originally taught which lead to dangerous driving habits.
One dangerous driving habit is aggressive driving. Aggressive driving or road rage includes, but is not limited to: tailgating,
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This is staggering when over 90% of all people say that drinking and driving is “unacceptable” when asked by the 2012 Traffic Safety Culture Index. Earlier this week, a teenager north of Omaha ran a red light and rammed into a pickup killing a passenger in the backseat of the car. Authorities found the driver of the car had been drinking. The driver and another passenger where rushed to an Omaha hospital in critical condition. The passenger in the back of the vehicle was only eighteen years old. It is this type of story that people hear and mourn about, but it always feels far away. The teenager driving didn’t get behind the wheel with a plan of running a red light. She didn’t plan on crashing into a pickup. She didn’t plan on killing her friend. But because she didn’t think the dangers of drinking and driving applied to her, she got bit when she tempted fate. Even after being shown video after video and picture after picture of crash scenes, the dangers surrounding our decisions don’t truly sink into our minds and memories. Individuals shrug the warnings off as scare tactics, making it easier to forget and push away the
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