Persuasive Essay About Driverless Cars

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Driverless cars will probably be one of the main and most common transportation vehicles in the future that will become a big part of our lives. Currently our thoughts about driverless cars have positive aspects to offer us rather than negative. These cars will shape our social lives and change the way we live. But how? Today, we use cars everyday. It has become part of everyday life. Imagine life without a car. You would not even be able to go further than your neighborhood. With so many disadvantages with the cars we have today, driverless cars seem to be the obvious solution. Driverless cars have many advantages over the cars we have today. It will greatly decrease car crashes which is a big problem today, it will save money in many different…show more content…
Today people try to help disabled people by having elevators in public places, closer parkings, wheelchair ramps and much more. But in my opinion cars are not fully developed yet. For example today's cars can not provide transportation to any blind people, which means if a blind person today would like to drive his car, he can not do it by himself. Not just blind people experience this problem. Other people that do not have hands or legs can not steer the steering wheel or push the gas peddle. It seems to me that driverless cars are the obvious solution. “It doesn't even have a steering wheel, much less a gas pedal or brakes. And you are free to do anything you wish during the trip.” I am assured that driverless cars will change disabled people's lives. This topic relates to my sister's husband whose vision is impaired. He is bound by law not to drive and my whole family feels his frustration and pain. That's why I feel the need to raise awareness about the prosperity of driverless cars. Besides helping my sister’s husband driverless cars are also beneficial to not just to people but also help the environment. Less emissions helps the greenhouse gase movement. It means there is less methane in the air which a lot of people suffer from. My sister’s asthma problem would greatly improve with less methane in the air as well as people all around the
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