Persuasive Essay About Eating Locally

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In today’s society, the goal of eating local has blown up from across the country, or the world rather. Supporting the local movement not just benefits oneself, but the environment as well. The debate whether or not eating local is beneficial or necessary, comes down to the value of time and money. Many Americans go towards what's cheap and won’t hurt their wallet. However, they do not realize all the benefits of eating food grown and produced locally. Although eating locally can put a strain on one’s wallet, resorting to locally grown produce can put a positive impact on the world. Consuming locally grown produce comes with healthy benefits for everyone. Local produce is fresher and tastes exceptionally better(A). When buying grocery, one should believe in the “quality over quantity” rule. Yes, buying local food is expensive in terms of travel. However, isn’t it better to eat an apple picked straight from its tree, compared to the one that’s been sitting on its shelf for several days in the supermarket? Another reason to eat locally would be that consumers would be supporting local farms, Normally, local farmers don’t get paid as much do to the competition with large produce manufacturers. Buying locally will benefit farmers by receiving…show more content…
A little step to making the environment become balanced again would’ve purchasing locally. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with household food consumption from supply chain tears can be reduced by just going local(D). The production of red meat contributes to almost 90% of the 2.5 tons of CO2 it produces. Local farms produce meat efficiently, without the use of large factories and machines unlike Tyson, for example. Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the primary reasons for global warming. By eating locally grown produce, it could help reduce these emissions. Earth is the only place we’re living, but why are we so eager to destroy
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