Persuasive Essay About Equality

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"All men are created equal", we were all created the same way; from our mother’s womb, and all babies are equally important, whether you are born a prince or a slave in your mother's womb, completely innocent and equal.[2] However, some people out there do not think so, they feel that due to some of us being born with physical or mental disabilities or others being born into financially insecure families it would result in significantly less opportunities in life as compared to those who are born into families that can offer them a much better way of life. Although it is true that life is not fair towards everyone, I want to say that everybody deserves the same rights and responsibilities. Nobody is or looks the same, the color of your skin, your race, or your ethnicity makes you different from one another, this does not mean that not everybody deserves the same and that some people do not deserve to be treated equally and one of these discrimination is racism, which is something we have all witnessed before. Many people fail to recognize that race is…show more content…
Currently, loads of laws have been enforced to prevent racism such as: Law Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination 2010, Racial Discrimination and Related Forms of Intolerance 2013, Inter-American Convention against All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance 2013 and many more [4]. Laws have been passed down to prevent racism from happening too often but not stop it. This is a sad thing as, during this age, we do not have the power to stop it. People were born differently, and it’s only normal to react negatively to things or people we aren’t used
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