Fashion Trends In Italian Women

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An Italian woman for instance is very much in tune with her body weight, shape and height. She will follow fashion trends but not at the expense of looking worse.

Let 's face it. The majority of us are not super models or athletes. We do not have never ending legs or perfect breasts. We cannot and should not wear everything we see in the magazines. You need to fine tune what you see and then personalize it depending on your body type.

Dress pants for large hips:
If you have large hips, wearing skin tight pants will NOT make you look thinner. Instead dress pants that flow, are not bell bottom and are not skinny look best for the woman who has large hips or large legs. The best colors are dark colors just because they do make you look slender.
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They will not sacrifice how they look just for the latest trend. They will not wear for instance the "pant collant" or fuseux which is in style now if their bodies do not permit it. It is just not classy.

Dress pant length:
I wrote a little about how clothes should fit in "How to Dress Italian and Look Good" but I need to stress that dress pants should not be too long nor too short. You need to get them fitted according to the shoes you will wear with them. Bring the shoes with you to the tailor when you go. The hem should be such that it just glides and barely touches the shoe in the front. When standing up, you should never see your socks or hose. If you do see them, they are too short. The hem in the back should never touch the floor. There should never be a break (visible lines) in the pant leg.If there is, they are too long.

Italian women do not wear mini skirts or full skirts if they have large hips and legs. Doing so just makes them look larger. So pleated skirts are out. Instead these women will wear fitted skirts (not skin tight) or A line skirts (if in style) which have give a slendering look. The hem of the skirt can be just below or just above the knee. A this time, very long straight or flowing skirts are not in style. In any event, long flowing skirts are not attractive for larger

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