Ways To Alter Fear

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What should you do when you encounter fear? Here are a few suggestions...


Fear always brings out the fight or flight response. This is the way our bodies have prepared for action which is a result of millions of years of evolution. You develop fast reflex, increased strength, pumping muscles and greater awareness.

It won't work for you unless you use it and learn how to control it.

You learned how to allow fear by recognizing it, acknowledging it and making room for it in the previous blog post. Once you allow it, you then need to...


Fear itself is completely harmless - it can only make you uncomfortable at worse so let it in.

You might be saying to yourself I don't like how it feels!

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Where should I focus it?

Remember to use your fear when playing sports or doing a performance.

You might not be able to channel it to an activity if you happen to be on a first date or on a place, therefore, simply make some space for it and use it to be fully present.


Suppose you are doing a new activity or something challenging like giving a speech. You can act confident even if you don't feel confident. Why is that?

Real self-confidence doesn't mean there is no fear.

Fear always comes up during challenging circumstances, irrespective of your level of confidence, however, you can use it to make you more energetic and improve your performance - you now have a different relationship with fear.

This will take some time to sink in but when it does you will see a big difference in your daily life.

You might start referring to it as "pumped" or "amped" as opposed to "fear" or "worry" or "anxiety".

If you don't have anything to focus your fear on, make a bit of room for it and fully focus on your activity.

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