Essay About Food Addiction

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Why does it seem like losing weight is impossible for some people? We are talking here of individuals who have the best intentions of eating healthy and losing weight, but they just find themselves going back to old habits of eating unhealthy foods, even when they are aware of their bad effects on health. This type of compulsion to eat certain foods is what many weight loss experts call food addiction – a serious problem that causes people to lose control of their eating habits, despite their best efforts to avoid them. Food Addiction: What it Really Is If you have an idea of what drug addiction is, then you might understand how some people cannot resist eating junk food, even if they know it is harmful to their health. But what causes this behavior? Addiction to certain…show more content…
• Making excuses about why one should eat something he is craving. • Repeated unsuccessful attempts to quit eating or set rules about eating certain foods. • Hiding from others one’s consumption of unhealthy foods. • Inability to control consumption of unhealthy foods, in spite of knowing that they can cause physical harm, including weight gain. If you have 4 to 5 of these symptoms, you are probably experiencing serious problems with food. However, if you have at least 6 of these symptoms, you are most likely to have an addiction to food. A questionnaire developed by researchers at Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Science and Policy may be useful in identifying food addiction. To find out if you have an addiction to food, ask yourself if you: • Continue eating certain foods even after you're full • End up eating more than you had planned when you start eating certain foods • Eat even to the point of feeling sick • Worry about not eating certain foods • Worry about limiting certain foods • Go out of your way to certain foods To test if your eating behaviors affect your personal life, ask yourself
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