Food Waste Oral Report

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Dear students, thank you for coming to listen. First of all, food waste is a serious problem in Malaysia and is listed third on the world ranking. Did you know that a child dies every 5 seconds as a result of hunger? This might not be a paramount issue for you and me, however that is because we are fortunate enough to have a vast array of food to choose from. Believe it or not, because of this privilege, all of us could have possible contributed to food waste and it is therefore our civil responsibility to do whatever we can to help and ameliorate the lives of those affected by starvation.

People in Africa have to persist, day after day with starvation and they are, after all, humans, just like you and I. We are all humans. Why do other people have to suffer because of our selfishness and extravagance? How would you feel if you were faced with starvation? If you were a child in rural Africa left without food for days on end? All these problems could be solved if only we had an unlimited food
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These landfills do not provide enough oxygen for the food to decompose properly so it then produces methane gas, which is detrimental to the atmosphere.. Do you know how poisonous greenhouse gases are? Greenhouse gases are like silent killers, slowly shortening our lifespan. If we do not try to control this situation now, it will only drastically exacerbate the problem.

So students, you may be thinking, "well, then what can I do to prevent food waste? The answer is that you can do as much as to prevent food waste from ever happening again. Yes, you. As the consumer, your parents might have a greater authority than retailers because they can decide what to buy. Nevertheless, you might not have the overriding power but you can still persuade your parents not to buy unnecessary food. Put that power into good use! We should buy more of what we need and less of what we greedily

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