Persuasive Essay About Freedom

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Many people from different countries each day, month, and year move to the United States. Why are they moving to the United States? The answer is, liberty. People can practice any religion they want in this country. However, in the past people didn’t have all the rights of liberty and freedom. The freedom of today are based on the suffering that Frederick Douglass and his people have been through, and how they fought for people to gain their own freedom. Frederick Douglass was one of the great men that changed many people’s lives and made great effort to obtain freedom. His mother was a slave too. Frederick was not like other slaves, he had learnt how to read and write. Frederick never quit on trying to get what he wants and he have accomplished them at the end. Frederick Douglass have tried to escape many times, and he have failed a bunch of times and he would get beaten more than what he was going though. Frederick first tried to escape from Freeland, who have hired him from his owner Colonel Lloyd. Douglass also tried to escape from the other master Covey that hired him after Freeland and he again fails. Anna Murray was a young adult who worked as a housekeeper and did laundress in white homes. Murray had something different and special in her youth because she first met Douglass. Douglass knew Anna Murray and loved her. It wasn’t clear how they met. Murray have sold many of her belongings just to help Frederick to buy a train ticket for his escape. Murray also sewed a
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