Persuasive Essay About Going To A College

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Pedram Parvaz


A persuasive essay
Going to the university has gone through many changes. Half a century ago, college was something nobody knew of except the rich families. Twenty years ago, most families expected their children to attend the university after graduating from high school as that would be a guarantee to get a good job. Nowadays, many students are avoiding college just because of the high fees. A college degree has become an essential to any possibility of getting into most jobs. Unfortunately, tuition fees are rising significantly and this is creating a barrier for the less fortunate students to pursue their dream jobs. All governments need to do what it takes to reduce the cost of university tuition as
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According to a report from HSBC, annually an average of $27,375 is spent on universities in the UAE. Tuition for a private university like ours is now raised to about AED 68,000 per year. As a working student, I find it almost impossible to be able to graduate anytime soon considering that the costs go higher and higher almost each year.

Finally, the current system of financial aid is not sufficient. Many middle-class students find themselves in a predicament when filling up those financial aid forms before enrolling in the college. Many times, their families have the paradoxical problem of having a high net income for qualifying for financial aid, but still do not have enough to pay for fees out of their pocket. Students are then forced to depend on academic scholarships and loans which getting them is extremely hard and competitive and often aren’t enough to pay for the entirety of a tuition bill.

A college education is an essential in today’s economy and unfortunately, it is more difficult than ever to obtain a degree. The financial barriers for students and their families are an alarming trend that can only be reversed through a government
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