Persuasive Essay About Going To College

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Ni-Robi McNair Ms. Milliner EES21QH-09 September 25, 2016 Many times people question what 's the true purpose of going to college when it can many times leave you in a financial rut for many years after it. Some also say college is not a necessity in order to succeed but that people love the idea of having credibility of being a college graduate. But the real reason people go to college, i believe, is too find out who they are and who they will become because college is an ever changing road for many people. When you get older your vision on the world and what you think it 's in need of tends to change. Most people want to change the world, to make it better some how and believe that going to college can allow them to do that in greater way. The influence of family can also play a big part in many of the reasons why people chose to go or not to go college. My Step-Father Jerome Parsons, whom i interviewed, talked a lot about the influence of his family but a little differently than what most would think. One of the first questions asked to him was what did you want to be when you were getting ready to start college and why?” he simply answered, “There wasn 't anything i really wanted to be. Though i did have the dream of becoming a lawyer, I honestly just wanted to be a college graduate.” When he had first got into college he was accepted to South Carolina State. But having a child on the way caused a bit of a detour. But that did not change his determination to go
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