Persuasive Essay About Happiness

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What is the happiness? Happiness is not only hard to measure, but it is also difficult to singularly define. People have agonized over this question for centuries. When people were born in this world, of course they always find the real happiness. They thought that the happiness is very hard to find. When we were young, we remember that we were very happy and enjoy our life more than today. But now, we are grown up and we feel that our happiness disappear. Have you ever wondered that why your happiness decreases. Nowadays many people think that find happiness is not easy and they feel unhappy because of various reasons such as economic, family, work, politic, health or other reasons. And they cannot manage their happiness. No matter what make you happy less, you always have the wayss to make you happier. Therefore let’s make your life full of happiness. You can find the happiness by easily three ways from my experience that going to make you cannot stop your happiness. That three ways are to share or to give, let yourself on and satisfied yourself.

Happiness is not being rich or affording everything you want or happiness is not feeling good all the time, but happiness can mean what we do for other people. We do not live in a perfect world, there are people who cannot even afford the basic requirements of living. They do not have a shelter to live, a good or clean food to eat and pill to cure, and comfortable clothes to wear. The quantity of poor people quit increase. It

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