Persuasive Essay About Healthy Lifestyle

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“The groundwork for all happiness is good health,” (Hunt). A healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness, it’s the first priority to every person. Therefore, we all want a happy, healthy, stress free and active lifestyle. It would lead to an active life physically and mentally. Maintaing or starting a healthy lifestyle is very important since it would affect people’s lives in a positive way. It would prevent people from all kinds of disease by exercise, communication, making healthy food choices and by having enough sleep . First of all, exercising is one way of reaching a healthy lifestyle. It increases self esteem by having more confidence, because working out will make your body feel good, so you would feel good as well. In order to maintain a healthy body a person needs to work out at least 2 to 3 times a week, to stay active as much as they can. A schedule would help keep track of how often you exercise. Exercising relieves stress and anxiety. In addition, since a lot of people go through depression and they start making reckless decision, exercising helps cure depression. Therefore riding a bike, walking, swimming or working out helps stressed, depressed and anxious people. It also increases a persons self…show more content…
Staring at screens messes with sleep and ruins eye sight.Turning off all electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, ipads and the television eases the ability of interacting with people. Communicating with friends and family and telling them about your issues is a stress reliever . However, some people don 't like sharing their feelings with others. Writing feelings down helps and feelings can be expressed within art and music. Communicating with people without using electronic devices is the key to a healthy and active life since it has a a lot of advantages on peoples lives and many

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