Persuasive Essay About Heroes

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Persuasive task:Heroes

If there were no villains there would still be heroes.Heroes are defined as people who are admired for their courage,outstanding achievements and noble qualities.These moral values are what make a hero and with these values people can be thought of as heroes.People become heroes by how they help others, there qualities and the actions they make to help the world be a better place even if no villains intervene or create problems.

Anyone can be courageous but only a hero can put it to action.For someone to be courageous they can help people with problems that occur naturally or that they are born with.An example of this is when a group of people went to play on a frozen lake during winter these people came very close to death since the ice beneath broke and they were stuck in freezing cold water.As the people were freezing a young man named mark keicker came along and saw that they needed help.Mark keicker managed to pull the people out of the lake and save them from death.In this example no villain created the problem it was all an accident that the ice broke beneath the group of people. Becasue of mark keicker 's courageous act he can be considered a hero for helping others with
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For someone to truly be a hero they must have noble qualities and noble qualities are a persons decision to have and not something a villain gives them.Noble qualities can define whether someone is or isn 't a hero.Someone can do a heroic act but if their doing it for their own benefits and not for others they can 't truly be considered a hero.A person that volunteers for fundraisers could be said to have noble qualities and be a hero.These people have noble qualities because they volunteer there own time to help others.These people don 't do it for self benefit but instead for the benefit of others.Peope get noble qualities by themselves and by the help of know one else.To be a hero you have to decide what you believe is more important out of their benefit or
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