Persuasive Essay About High School

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Today I get to start over, like flipping a page and starting a new chapter. Today I get to move to Los Angles, California full of vast alluring beaches, famous actors and actresses, delicious food, and more. This is my first time moving and it 's not because of jobs or anything like that... in fact, it 's because of being 'too smart '. Too smart? Pretty dumb right? I 'm in my freshman year of high school but I have the knowledge of a college student, or at least that 's what everyone says. People at my old school say I 'm like a human dictionary. In my opinion, that 's not that much of a problem right? On top of that, I have really high expectations from my mom and dad based on my level of knowledge. I mean, it 's not my fault! I just really love learning and reading books, everything is so interesting! Anyways, yesterday we finally unpacked the last box, which means we officially moved in! That also means I get to go to my new school tomorrow... Immaculate Heart High School a school with a 4.6 rating and one of the best reputation ever. I just wanted a normal life, just like everyone else. My mom says what I have is special, but what if the thing that I have is something I don 't want? Guess I can 't do anything about it. "Now honey don 't forget to learn something new, which is pretty hard for you since you almost know everything!" my mom exclaimed. "Heh. Yeah, I will don 't worry." I replied back. "Oh and make some friends too. But don 't let them distract you from

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