Persuasive Essay About High School Friends

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High school can be rough! You have bundles of homework and to prepare for college. I feel like you have less friends in high school, then you do in grade school, you have all these friends and you’re always spending time together, but once you get in high school, I feel like you lose all your friends. Once you go into high school I feel you get too know who your real friends are. Try not to get too close to friends in high school because you never know if they will stick with you or they end of leaving. Sometime you can get too busy with your work or job and school that you don’t really have time with your friends. Once I found out who my real friends are I felt a whole lot better because I knew that I could count on them. Yeah, we all have…show more content…
They say they will but let’s be real, will they really? There is only a few people in your high school friend group who will be there for you throughout life. All your friends will most likely leave. I’m not saying don’t get too close to your friends it’s always good to have friends there for you. I consider myself that maybe I just got way too close to the wrong friends at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I think you should have friends, just make sure to pick the right ones you want to stay with you. Because once you leave high school and go on to college, no one is obligated to stay in touch with anyone, and no one is obligated to stay in touch with you. The fact that you may not keep in touch with your high school friends is horrible it may consume you for a while, but eventually it will go away when you realize that you’re not obligated to stay in touch with anyone as well. Don’t be shocked if the people you thought you’d be close by end of being strangers. Leaving high school and getting ready for college is a new start for you and your friends. Sometimes leaving and going away there is a boundary in leaving the people that means the most to you either it was on purpose or
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